House Painting and Power Washing in Kansas City, MO

Enrich your home's appearance inside and out with a clean, professional coat of paint from All About Paint And Tile in Kansas City, MO. We set the standard with every home we paint, ensuring an even coat that looks great and lasts.

We use Gliden paints for your home - we've used them all, and we've found this paint works best! It flows and stands up to weather while looking good. Have your own paint? Let us know! We're happy to work with your supplies.




Man painting a wall — Painting in Kansas City, MO

The Right Way To Paint

Before we even open a bucket of paint, All About Paint And Tile cleans, caulks and prepares the surface to be painted. Whether it is the side of your home or a shed out back, we want your paint to look great. A clean slate ensures that the paint sticks properly to the building and lasts longer.

Even, Uniform Coats

First, we spray paint onto the surface, then roll over the area we just sprayed. Not only does this serve to further even out the coat, but it adds an extra layer of paint for added protection and a clearer, more consistent color. For smaller areas and trim, All About Paint And Tile brushes and rolls the paint onto the surface while taking care that your edges are sharp and defined.
Brushes on a color palette — Painting in Kansas City, MO
Green, yellow and red paint on wall — Painting in Kansas City, MO

Power Washing

Looking to remove an old paint job, or just want to clean up your home? Our high pressure power washers and skilled technicians strip away tough dirt or old paint from the surface of your home, building, sidewalks, driveways and more. Get a clean start when you call All About Paint And Tile to power wash your home or building.
Call All About Paint And Tile today at 816-304-8890 for a free estimate on a great paint job!